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Forgery crimes are defined in section 170 of New York’s Penal Law. Forgery crimes are more serious than what most people think and that is why you should speak with an attorney if you are being questioned or charged with a forgery crime. Forgery crimes range from a Class “A” misdemeanor to a Class “C” felony.

Forgery is the unlawful act of creating or possessing a forged instrument. You can be arrested and charged with forgery even if you did not create the forged instrument. Forgery also includes the alteration of a government identification or other legal instrument.

Examples of forgery include:

  • Counterfeiting Credit Cards, Debit or Gift Cards
  • Counterfeiting Money
  • Creating False Government Identification
  • Creating a Handicapped-Parking Plaque
  • Forged Automobile Insurance Cards
  • Forging Checks
  • Forging Real Estate Deeds
  • Forging Someone Else’s Signature
  • Forging VINs
  • And Many Others

In the State of New York, forgery crimes are a top priority for law enforcement and criminal prosecutors.

If you have been charged with any type of forgery crime, it is imperative that you discuss your case with Attorney James D’ Angelo as quickly as possible. Call Attorney D’ Angelo to protect your legal rights and help you defend your future.

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