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If you have failed to pay a speeding ticket, you may be driving on a suspended license. In New York, many drivers find themselves unknowingly driving on a suspended license. To make things worse, a driver may be pulled over by police for a moving violation, but instead of receiving a ticket and driving away, the driver is arrested. In some cases, the driver doesn’t have to sit in jail and is released from custody after given a Desk Appearance Ticket (DAT). A Desk Appearance Ticket (DAT) means the driver will have to appear in Criminal Court for an “arraignment hearing” at a future date.

The complexity of this type of charge is that you will have to resolve your legal matter with the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Criminal Court. If you have been arrested for Driving With a Suspended License in the State of New York, you need seasoned legal representation to protect your rights and to help you maintain your driving privileges.

Suspended License Defense Lawyer James D’Angelo will represent your interests and fight hard to ensure that you receive the best possible defense. If you have been charged with Driving With a Suspended License, or any other crime,call Attorney D’Angelo right now. Attorney D’Angelo has over 20 years’ experience handling criminal cases in New York.

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