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The initial court appearance in a criminal case is called an arraignment. At your arraignment, the criminal court judge usually sets bail. Bail is used in New York state criminal courts and is designed to make sure that the defendant does not flee but returns for his or her future criminal court appearances. In many cases, the prosecuting attorney will ask for an extraordinarily high bail amount or ask the judge to deny bail altogether.

Why You Need an Attorney at Your Arraignment

It is essential that you have competent and experienced representation by your side in all stages of a criminal case to protect your legal rights. The arraignment process is especially important because being able to post bail will enable you to work more closely with your defense attorney. You will be at liberty to handle your personal affairs and you will be able to return to your home.

Criminal DefenseLawyer James D’Angelo will represent your interests and fight hard to ensure that you receive the best results possible at your arraignment. If you have bail issues that need to be resolved, awaiting your arraignment or you need a post-arraignment bail reduction, call Attorney D’Angelo right away. Attorney D’Angelo has over 20 years’ experience handling all types of criminal defense cases in New York.

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